The Hub is the main eating grounds at Kent State University. Any visitors on campus are directed to choose from these dining services which include: Subway, McDonald's, a Chinese restaurant, Deli and Bagel Shoppe, and a pizza place - which is also in the basement and offers other various Italian delicacies.

The Hub, unfortunately for KSU students does not allow to use their board plans until after 5pm (but is always subject to change). The thought behind this has been rumored to be that the cafeteria is afraid that money will be spent in the propietory restaurants instead of in campus dining.

The Hub is also a gathering place for students to: study, play cards, chat and what ever possible - and is also the home of peace rallies and protests.

The Hub has also been referred to 'The Duh' by many students. The view looking down a hallway from the inside of the room is a etched class window that upon entering reads 'The Hub'. The view from the inside hence is 'the duh'.