Well today is the start of a whole new session for my life. I get to start carpooling with family again, something I haven't done for a little while.

Yesterday my car got totalled. /me pouty face

Quite frankly yesterday all morning I was saying how my life was on a personal high. All weekend I spent time with a great new group of friends that I truly enjoy spending lots of time with, but also much more. Sunday I had a decent day at work, and had planned on having a good monday.

Well yesterday on my way into work, in Kent, Ohio, there was a lovely several car pile up - my car and I ended up involved. I couldn't tell the damage cause I wasn't able to get out of my car immediately, traffic was busy. The guy infront of me jumped out of his car yelling to me "sorry i had to stop immediately".

Cops on the scene I finally got to get out of my vehicle, it was still running but when i got out i realized i no longer had a front end. Only good out come was teh airbag didn't release especially thankfully since I hadn't been wearing my seat beltcause I leaned over to grab something that landed on the floor a few miles before the accident happened!

Little silver 2001 Daewoo - RIP