I'm not wanting to any longer be patient - I want my damn baby!

I was thinking that today would of been the day, but it wasn't - a lot of activity from the little guy he's almost a been in her for a year. Hopefully it's not much later because he'll be a nitemare for her to deliver.
I talked to the vet today and since her afterbirth and 'plug' has already come out the baby should of been born shortly following! But nooo this is a stubborn little cria and is protesting his birth. (yes it's called afterbirth but for some reason on alpacas it arrives before the birth.)

Of course there's no way to enduce birth either with out it being too much of an hazard to the mother.

Let's hope for tomorrow, I would be a terrible mother if I was her getting very impatient with the little cria.

Part Two fo the Alpaca Saga: May 20, 2003 - Part One