These are exact conversations I engaged in no more than 15 minutes that arriving back in the states.

cell phone ringing 2:15 PM Sunday

<me> Hello?
<bekah> Nori, hi - I have a problem.
<me> what's up?
<bekah> I lost my baby - I went to the doctor today cause it would of been the end of my first tri-mester (11 weeks she says) sobbing I lost the baby at seven weeks.
<me> I'm sorry, are you ok?
<bekah> Not really - just been really upset about it and such. I wanted to see you and Norbi today but I don't want him meeting me in this state let's just plan for another time.
<me> Ok that's fine - do you need me to help you with anything?
<bekah> No I'm going to go lay down and mourn, I'll talk to you later.
<me> Ok - well you know my numbers, give me a ring if there's anything I can do
<bekah> Ok, thank you - pray for us. See ya.
<me> You're always in my thoughts, see ya.

This was a conversation with my 'twin' - we actually look identical, not related, and are always mistaken for one another. She and her husband have been trying for at least 2 years to have a baby - she finally got pregant and then this happened. I'm very concerned for her I'm going to call her later and see how she is and talk to her husband to see if maybe he should put her in some counselling.

phone rings 2:55 PM Sunday (concurrent with last conversation same day etc)

<me> yo...chica (I have caller id)

<marie> nori, you wouldn't believe this.
<me> oh your husband finally granted you your divorce?!
<marie> no worse
<me> nevermind I don't want to know!
<marie> I need your help - I'm pregnant.
long sigh from both of us
<me> well...well...I don't know what to tell you that's what you get for spreading your legs with the guy your in the process of divorcing.
<marie> I know!! yelling But what can I do - I mean I need an abortion or something cause I don't need another child.
<me> well what's Aaron say?
<marie> Oh you know he wants another child - he's already raved to his family that we're pregnant.
<me> well did you contact planned parenthood?
<marie> Can you take me to one?
<me> You seem to forget I haven't been driving for almost a year...
<marie> Oh yah shit - what can I do?!
<me> What about Aaron, what about your mom?
<marie> Yah right that'll happen...
<me> well I don't know how to help you.
<marie> Oh I just remembered my insurance will provide rides - that's what I'll do call them to take me
<me> cell beeps low battery Ok well I'll call you and see what's going on tomorrow, ok? - good luck.
<marie> Ok see ya - can you look some stuff up on abortions for me tonight on the internet?
<me> we'll see - I'll talk to you tomorrow. See ya.
<marie> See ya.

She's 21 years old have a child she was forced to have at 18 from this 28 year old husband - they married when she found out she was pregnant thinking they could work things out - she cried at her wedding cause she's didn't want get married! They're very dysfunctional she's left him and gone back 10+ times - claiming she doesn't like to be lonely and runs back. They've been putting one another in and out of jail off and on for over a year, finally got their son back too from a foster parent situation, child was probally better off than being around all the yelling and fighting. She's actually planning on paying for the divorce filing fees with her tax return which is coming in any day now.

Bekah, I and Marie are close friends - I'm afraid when Bekah finds out about Marie being pregnant again it'll send her off the deep end literally.

It's really aggrevating that children are born and 'abused' like such before their born. I'm moreorless for the freedom of choice for a female and would support what Marie decides - but still I really want to tear her apart for not being careful and such. Very aggrevating. Adoption is not an option because if she went thru with it as she says she would become to attached and won't give over the child when it's time.

I kinda went off on a tangent about it and my boyfriend was like wow - and said well - think of the father. (his ex-aborted a child of his and it 'killed' him for a while) I dunno just reinforces the use of protection to all!

Oh - yay I'm back too! The world literally fell apart while I was there. Well I was supposed to go to a funeral and it never happened. The guy didn't die he's expiration date was faulty - but he's struggling, on his own will though which is ok - except for ripping his IV out from his arm, that's upsetting.