For those of you who read my daylog yesterday you saw a very upset individual who truly felt like they had no direction. Well I'm not here to say that it has changed today it's just I'm looking at my possibilities for which I feel I am qualified and I would want to do.

I've narrowed it down to a few which include: a major in history mixed with writing courses to write books and do my own photography in them, a major in English and do unknown with possibly teach across seas, or a major in fine arts crafts. It definitely spans a large area of possibilities that's the problem with narrowing things down at this moment. I scheduled an appointment for this afternoon with my advisor, not sure if I'll go or not cause I told her I narrowed my decision to history but I might change my mind again.

I saw a job opening for a summer contract teaching position in the UK that I'm considering taking I'm going to at least apply and see where it takes me. It'll be odd but it's teaching English to young children who are Italian. I'm looking forward to the change of scenery I'm hope I get accepted I at least have a shot there's over 30 openings.

I hope something happens soon either a good hit in the head or who knows what!