/me rant and needs advice

I hate Ohio. I hate Kent State University. I hate living on a farm and being away from all my friends. And I hate making decisions.

I'm not sure if it's stress or what, but recently not all has gone well. I need a change.

My major has practically gotten cancelled, or at least I'm told, "it's still there but since we had no money to fund the department and since we fired everyone we can't offer the specific classes, but it's still there." My reaction, a nice howdy doody.

So now I'm stuck, asking myself - what now? I'm done with all my LERs (except for a science class) but otherwise I should be well into and almost done with my major now. /me fustrated.

Oh so not only do I have the stress from picking a new major but I have parent behind me 'no, no, no that's not good' to almost all I pick. And since they are helping fund school it's not wise to pick against them since they'll ax funding.

I'm considering going across seas - I've travelled a lot so I think I could get around in a town that I can't speak the language. I do have the benefit of being bi-literate in Hungarian so I could move to Hungary - and then my SO is from Hungary so it could work except his trade is not doing well hence why he left so I dunno what to do. I've been trying to hunt up what one could study in the states and take across seas as a job, any suggestions?

Ah, well time to go study the book of various majors, again maybe something will hit me. I've been looking at a major in fine arts crafts which has one study an emphasis in either textiles/patterns, glass, ceramics, or jewelry/metals. They all seem neat to me, but finding work is also an objective -and work that pays well I'm tried of living on a students budget.