I hate electricity.

It can truly be one of the worst inventions at times like this.

This week is forecasted to have at least one thunderstorm a day, not good news for us waiting after the destruction from the first storm.

In our small country town they don't give us city pump lines - so we all have well water which the little mechanisms in the well are run by electric - so resulting in we have NO water. Luckily our dry creek bed is no longer dry from the flooding we drug buckets up so we could flush the toilets.

We've been with out electric since Monday night and they're saying we could possibly have electric tomorrow on the 10th. First Energy only gives me statistical figures whenever I call asking what in hell is going!? in terms of how many people they have working and that in Ohio there is 300k people without electric and 192k in Northeastern Ohio alone.

If Thomas Edison was alive I would say he would be on my hit list - until than this is situation will be have to be made to it's best: Amish paradise.

I'm writing this from school which my last day of classes is tomorrow - due to lightening striking my house and frying out the modem we have no internet on top of the electricity problem at the house. We have a new computer on the way late next week so until than I'll be on a temporary hiatus.