That's the best way to describe this weekend - we more or less took the weekend off we were too depressed to want to work or build fences so instead Saturday I helped paint a very small bedroom and then Sunday literally spent all day on the side of a pond fishing, which we ended the day at catching one large-mouth bass and 24 sunfish and bluegill which were cleaned and will be eaten at a later date.

Well it all has to do with our alpacas which always end up being a large chunk of change to repair or deal with in the end.
Here's a list of what happened:

  • Sweet Liberty: female, reabsorbed her cria unknown possibility
  • Lula: female, possibly reabsorbed her cria from possible trauma from another young male
  • Heather: female, recently gave birth and won't/can't get pregnant, unknown why
  • Lujoso: male, one of our newest super studs dislocated/displaced his shoulder. He was shipped here from Oregon recently and is gorgeous and is prize winning he's one of our more valuable males. Lujoso's currently on a three hour route to Ohio State University to be examined and treated. He had accumulated a large 'water bubble' on his shoulder overnight so I hope it's nothing super serious to where he can't come home today. I'll let you all know what happens when I get word.

Well so alpacas are a pain cause their pregnant for 11 months which is a very long time, losing a year of pregnancy is a tragedy to any farm. And Lujoso, well he was playing I think and that's how he hurt himself, males after some time are to be separated because they start fighting amongst one another, we on the day we took off were going to make some fence runs for the boys - guess that's our sign not to take anymore time away from the farm.

Final thought: Dammit! I can't win!