The alpacas got out today.

What would you do if over $100k dollars was loose running on the streets?

What I did: laugh, panic.

After about 10 minutes of a good panic and scrabbling and locking up the house to venture out to find them the neighbor called to say a herd of about 20 alpacas was eating her garden and she thinks they're ours. I thanked her and ran down the road with a backpack of halters and leads and a long little bo peep type staff to herd them back home.

Neighbor said she only saw 20 that didn't account for the other 15 or so so I was hoping she miscounted, but she didn't.

On the way back from collecting up the herd another neighbor yelled at me and yelling 'hey your other bunch is in my cow pasture if you want them, I locked them in their so they couldn't travel any further. I thanked him and continued on returning the others to their pasture.

That last neighbor didn't have an approximate number but I was hoping the remaining dozen or so where there.

How would I have been able to explain to my father that I lost his one or more of his very expensive babies. I came to the conclusion that if I didn't find the remainder I was going to pack my bags and move out quickly and not leave a forwarding address that way I would get out of the murder from my father.

Getting back to the pastures with the first batch I noticed none of the fences were open so I didn't understand how did they alpacas get out?! But I just threw them in and ran to the other neighbors to gather up the remainder.

1,2,3,4...they're all here!! YAY! The were not very happy to be in the muddy and smelly cow pasture so they were happy to see me and to get back to their pasture.

After a good bit of time trying to round them back up I sat down and tried figuring out how did these guys get out, only logical conclusion the pain in the ass neighbor kids had to let them out.

Father purchased some pad locks and now those brats can't let them out, we're considering talking to the parents to please keep them in their yard.

Well the alpacas are home, and my heart is back to a normal rate.