rustling noises

crash with loud thud sound at end

/me screams choice profanities.

That summed up some occurences from about 5:30am till 5:47am this morning when I fell out of bed! Yes, repeat fell out of bed. How you ask, I ask too that in 22 plus years of my life my mother prided that her daughther never fell out of bed, I was cold and had fallen asleep reading a book on my bed and went digging for my blanket to loosen under my pillow while digging madly and half asleep I proceeded to tumble off my bed onto my head and shoulder onto my bookcase. (note I ended up falling asleep onto of the blanket, the idea was to curl up under it)

Crackle, pop - scream an loud OUCH! Hearing my neck and shoulder crackle I was worried while still upside down that I may had rebroke my shoulder which I broke a few years ago in a sporting accident or even my collar bone. After pondering what to do I untrapped myself from the half somersault position and kneel at my bed assessing the damage. Pain, and more pain I didn't know should I go wake someone up or deal with it till morning. Looking at a clock it was almost time for people to wake up anyway so I opted to somehow lay in bed till I hear people rustling about.

beep, beep, beep - alarm - slam Sitting up I noticed stiffness and continual pain - I drag myself out of bed and head out to the kitchen to find my father still at home, luckily, and asked him to assess the damage from his view, "well it looks a little swollen I guess, but I don't understand how you could tumble off you're bed, now that's funny."

Myself not finding it funny have taken several hundred mgs. of ibuprofen, that's all we have, but several hours later still lots of pain and can not move my neck side to side well. Carrying a million pounds of textbooks is going to be interesting while hiking about with a full day of classes on campus. Let's hope this heals soon.

On a lighter note, happy 22nd birthday to Briglass!!