/me exhausted

Classes started back today, which meant pandamonium - my day didn't start out to swell when one of our cria's decided to injure her leg. It resulted in being good half-hour late for drawing class, but it wasn't difficult to catch up being the first day, luckily.

I'm still on campus have one last class this evening, camping, I had been reading through the course book and it also has the sylabus and it discussed everything from camping in a tent to building my own 'successful' shelter and spending a night in it on our class camping trip.

I've so far not only spent a small fortune on textbooks but my supplies list for my art classes will round costs up to $1000 easily.

So, after being sat on by a big guy on the bus and ironing myself back out I think I'm ready to tackle day 2 of classes tomorrow. I could understand if this wasn't my first year feeling so flustered, but golly it's not and I feel like a whipped puppy!

I think I'm going to have to put my battery on the charger when I get home.