Every so often you get the one phone call when you look at the caller id and say wow I haven't talked to that person I wonder what would of happened for them to call me now.  I had that the other day, I answered the phone almost excited because I had just moved back into the area and have been slowly catching up with friends.  This girl Jen particularly I saw her mother in a check out lined months ago and passed her my number to have Jen give me a call cause it's been all to long since I've heard from her.  (over six years)

Jen's number came up on the caller id and as I giddily answered the phone she sounded distressed but I didn't why and she didn't mention anything we talked for an hour catching up on how many kids she has, and how many I don't want and basically talking about everything that has happened in our lives.  Jen was the smart one out of our clique, she was already taking college classes in high school and finished college in with a degree in Education shortly after high school graduation but she didn't teach instead married a classmate of ours, had 3 children and is a stay and home mother.  She enjoys her life and I was happy for her because coming from a lower-middle class family it was hard to predict what she would of had going for her.  Jen also kept up with every body, she was the local gossip channel if one needed to know anything they called her and she is good at it - I told her she needs to write a book one of these days.  Her comment the only time she has time to pick up a pen or pencil is to write a grocery list and then the cheque to pay for the groceries.

Jen's call after about an hour turned to her asking me if I heard about people, I moved out of the area after high school and didn't keep any ties to my home town which I only a quarter regret.  She then asked me if I remembered her neighbor, I remembered him well he was a spunky young kid that climbed trees and bombed us with water balloons during "tea time on the veranda" - I lost track of him early on assumed he moved or something cause I didn't see him playing outside anymore and annoying us.  She went on to say that he went to a local high school graduated with honors and went into the Marines and had been recently fighting in Iraq.  That took our discussion into how many people we knew across seas and were fighting for our country.  We trailed back onto the conversation of Daniel and then out of the blue she asked me if I would be going to the circle tonight and if I wanted to go with her.  I was kind of caught off guard and asked her what was going on at the circle that people were going there at night, it's in a fairly dense residential neighborhood and parking would of been hard so I was not immediately keen on the idea to go to the circle at dark for no reason.  She then in a shocked voice questioned me, "you haven't heard"?  Pause from both of us and that unsettling silence, and all I could say "what are you talking about?"  She kind of gasped and said, "Daniel was killed in Iraq, I'm so sorry you haven't heard about this yet tonight they're having a candlelight memorial."  I was shocked, this was the first person I knew of that was killed from the war, I had talked to people who know others who have but this was the first one that I personally knew even if I hadn't talked to him in years.  My reply was "oh" and then I thought about it and agreed to go with her to the memorial.

The memorial was large, most people I've seen that in a small area that wasn't someplace for a concert or protest.  Over 3000 candles were lit, and over 800 people were there to mourn the death of one of our fallen heroes.  People were praying, crying, screaming, protesting, wearing flags and some carrying signs - the town came together and even those not from Tallmadge, Ohio.  It was a somber moment, and I don't wish it on anyone to go through having to watch the family grieve, and the hundreds surrounding - it was definitely a very sad evening.

RIP, Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel Nathan Deyarmin Jr. and all of our fallen heroes, and watch over our men and women serving our country.