Part deux

Ok so referring back to my daylog on March 31, 2003 - well referring to one specific person, Marie.

She's my best friend and we would take bullets for one another but yesterday she called me and informed me she's pregnant and wants an abortion.

Fine that's fine if she wants to do that - it's her body and her choice I just want no part of it.

She called me today begging me to take her to the clinic on saturday. I contemplated it - but see if I had a car it would be a different thing I would say yah no problem but the issue is I would need to involve my boyfriend to borrow his car. He said no, he won't let me go deal with her crazy husband to try and sneak her out of there to a clinic. Well Norbi is on a tourist visa - if the psycho calls the cops they'll immediately deport him so he wants to have no part of it hence she's now stuck on her own - and pissed.

So we discussed this and I tried suggest other modes of transportation. Than she starts talking about this guy she mentioned a few weeks ago as she described: "19-year-old red neck truck driving hillbilly with a fat girlfriend that he's scared chickenshitless of" -well my immediate reaction LOSER specially since Marie only dates Mr. GQ. She says well you know how I was working overtime right? I said yah - well I haven't I've been fucking around with Brad. LITERALLY my eyes popped out onto my desk - I was like what I could of lived without this?!

So ok she's goes on how this guys is a good lay and shit and am boggled. I mean yah she was called O'Lay in high school cause she spreads like butter - but damn after 3 years of marriage and a kid I would hope she would mature.

So she left 8 voicemail messages on my cell phone which I left at home and than 4 messages at the house - just to tell me all this - lucky me. So well damn - I wish she would leave me out of details sometimes - I'm waiting for her husband to call me know to see if I know anything - interrogate for details. It'll be my turn for mind tricks I guess.

This is a vent and a scream at the top of my lungs: Why can't this be a crazy April Fools Day joke and wake up to a non-dysfuntional reality.

Think I'm going to audit my friends - and then quote the seasons sport by "you're outta here!"

I know many are saying how can I bash her like this - but I am very fustrated by such irresponsibility, and this time she took the cake!