Holy Crap!! My wife is pregnant!! I'm wondering if my penis is writing checks my mind can't cash. It's kinda like when you discover the power of the shell in Linux, you are just so overwhelmed with possibilities, except much more emotional. He could grow up to be just like me. She could grow up to be a hot geek chick. I have to make him/her socially adjusted though so they don't have the problems I had. I suppose I should just worry about getting my wife through the pregnancy first.

Chatting last night we came up with some things I might say someday.

When she was 3 she had installed linux all by herself.
He was just standing in the crib and blurted out "make dep clean bzlilo modules modules_install".
She compiled kernel 2.6 all by herself when she was 4.
He helped Linus redo 2.8 when he was 6.

The possibilities are wild but the consequences of messing it all up are staggering. Maybe my mind should try to make a couple more deposits.

The doctor said she doesn't need to come in to find out for sure until 8 weeks and they figure with her sickness that she is 5-6 weeks. If that is the case then the due date would be approx. Jan 9, 2002.

That would suck because then the kid would have so many birthday/christmas gifts. That could be good in that the people might make the individual gifts bigger. If the kid can play it right it could be a big haul. I always played on my divorced parents like that. Maybe he/she could play off the grandparents like that.

Sometimes maybe I should just keep the thoughts in my head and not tell anybody. Then what would be the point of having the thoughts.