Nervousness is setting in.

My wifes last paycheck has come in and she hasn't found another job yet.

As I get more nervous I notice that I am also more grouchy. She knows how to calm me because I am a guy and that almost always calms me.

We have enough money to last for another 8 weeks but for some reason that doesn't calm my fears of being broke and losing things we own. Doesn't stop my fear of getting bad credit. Am I anal about this stuff? Did my parents bring me up expecting too much? Am I spoiled? I am spoiled. I've never worried about money until college and even then I knew my parents would be there if anything happened. I suppose that if my parents weren't financially well off (they aren't rich) I would never have grown up this way and probably wouldn't feel like I do now. How do people without money do it? I think I would have a mental breakdown. I am beginning to admire those with less money and security than I have.