I slept pretty badly last night and when I awoke I felt tired. Then I remembered my dream (see Dream Log: July 29, 2000). The symbolism of the dream is pretty clear, it's about my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. Jung says that dreams are important messages from your subconscious and that they can even predict what is going to happen to you. Of course, I don't really believe that but all the same the dream gives me a positive feeling.

I'm wearing my new tee shirt, that J made me, and looking pretty damn spiffy.

I've just noticed that Silent Running is on the tv tonight. That's a really great (albeit sad) film. Proof if proof were needed that the bbc are scanning getting to know you nodes to determine their listings.

There was a torrential downpour. After it had finished I went for a walk. Nice to be out in the fresh air. On the way back I saw a butterfly whose wings had been damaged by the force of the rain. It was fluttering its wings but it couldn't fly any more.

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