Today began really well. J. made me a beautiful hand-printed tee shirt this morning. The print is rectangular coloured red and black. The main rectangle is made up of smaller ones each of which has a different mesh pattern. It looks really cool. I love it when someone makes a work of art just for me. She's promised to make me another one. Woohoo!

For some reason a memory of my father from when I was a small child popped into my head. I don't often think about him; I don't really know where that came from. Although I was just describing a memory verbatim, reading it through (after I noded it) it seems like a metaphor for abandonment and this makes me feel a little sad.

After a promising start things have gone downhill. Water is leaking in from the roof (or possibly the hot water tank) and is appearing under the paint on the plasterboard making huge bulges. When I went up into the loft to check it out I had to shift some insulation out of the way. It raised up a large cloud of dust, hopefully just plain dust and not something really lung-fucking. Anyhow, now my chest feels heavy with whatever garbage I inhaled. Grr!

Update on the leak. I need a new hot water tank. :-(

Had an interesting conversation with my brother about God's algorithm for the Rubik's cube. He has found a useful program by a guy called Kociemba that gives minimal solutions (although whether it does it in finite time is another question). Compiled OK with gcc; now I just need to find the disk space for the 64MB table it generates.