I'm talking to a Belgian academic I know. He's taunting me about when I visited somewhere in Romania. He's saying that I had an affair with another academic who was there at the same time. I feel indignant and angry about this.

Also here is another visiting academic, a chinese girl. My friend is implying it is inevitable I will have an affair with her too. I'm furious about this.

Now I'm in a city centre, somewhere I don't recognise. It's night and there are lots of bright coloured lights from shopfronts, maybe a bus station. I'm with the Chinese girl and even though I'm still angry with my friend I find myself putting my arm around her. She also holds onto me tightly.

As the dream ends, some kind of sexual encounter seem inevitable.

When I wake up I feel very uncomfortable, as though I have betrayed myself. Over to you Dr Freud.

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