Went to the park this morning and sat by a giant buddlea. There were lots of beautiful red admirals feeding off the nectar in its purple flowers. There were also a couple of other sorts of butterfly, cabbage whites, and one with orange and black markings that I couldn't identify. For some reason they kept alighting on my newspaper so I got a good look at them. They have a very long proboscis that curls up at the end, used for extracting the nectar.

After that we played the identify the tree game, as usual not too sucessfully. After studying the tree book at length we did finally figure out that we were looking at a white bean. Later, I saw a really beautiful shrub that had blue berries (although some were still unripe and green), little spiky leaves, and delicate yellow flowers. The berries somehow looked artificial, like decorations.

In the paper today I noticed that the statistician John Tukey had died. Apparently he invented the terms bit and software.

I went on a huge noding spree today. I noded plane algebraic curve and am slowly working my way through all the examples I gave there. Phew! Anyhow, this has taken me to the next level and so tomorrow someone will feel my awesome chinging power!

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