This morning we went to the bookshop. porn.

All around me are beautiful books. I'm running my fingers through their pages, stroking their shiny covers. So many to choose from, I ache for them.

Hehe. I found a really great book Jumping the green by Leslie Schwartz. I started reading it in the coffee place, while I was sipping my decaf mocha. Sometimes you pick up a book and the voice is so lyrical, so certain, so true. You are transported into their world, oblivious to events around you and the passage of time. Go Leslie go!

Later on we went to the artshop. porn. Acrylics, watercolours, oil paints. Thousands of different brushes, notebooks with really thick paper. Uhhh!

Now I feel a little queasy, I think I better lie down.

This afternoon I mowed the lawn. Big mistake. I feel totally exhausted. I don't have much energy for anything else now, but I have read a little more of the wonderful Jumping the green. I also listened to Patsy Cline. As usual, I was struck by how unearthly her voice sounds.

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