A true cautionary tale about airplane food.

Picture our hero, a vegetarian, as he checks in with a French airline. Struggling with an unfamiliar language he lets the girl at the checkout desk know that he wants a vegetarian meal. He wonders vaguely why she asks him (in French) "Do you want vegetarian or vegetarian?". He feels a slight sense of unease but dismisses it as mere angst.

Cut to an airplane interior. Our hero's food has arrived. Everyone else seems to have some kind of meat and cheese sandwich. What does OH have? Close-up. He has a roll (unbuttered) and a tomato. Hmmm...

Cut to OH at his ancestral home studying his copy of Larousse (a French-English dictionary) looking hungry. He is examining the definitions of végétarien and végétalien. These words mean vegetarian and vegan. Suddenly our hero understands what the girl at the check out was asking...He is still hungry but a little wiser.