Only 6 nodes were posted to E2 on Mon 20-Feb-2012, but they included nodes by doyle and iceowl? I'll take it.

doyle's node is about maple syrup, but is moreover about appreciating things with value above and beyond the monetary:

"If you take an accountant's view, with labor a minimum of $5.15/hour, well, you end up losing "value" or money or whatever it is we think is more tangible than currency. It's thinking like that that got us the 98% corn syrup version of syrup. If Indians were better accountants, we would not know what real maple syrup tasted like. ..."

(Be sure to also read the footnote, which contains a bit of advice that I didn't know re: finding the good stuff.)

I believe this is a repost, resurrected from Node Heaven, as it has over 100 upvotes-- an astronomical total by today's standards-- and C!s from noders such as ToasterLeavings who haven't been seen around much lately. (Note to coders: It would be something handy if re-published w/us retained their original publication date, so that a bit of auto-text in the footer could say, e.g., "This writeup was originally published on November 13, 1999".)

iceowl instead emptied his moleskine into a daylog (see above), collecting some fragmentary thoughts about corporate life, E2, spam, and free energy.

"Life is a club for the living."

As for the rest: Croakery informs us about the frankly horrible-sounding childhood illness Hand, foot and mouth disease, Transitional Man posts a saddening daylog about a friend with cancer, and decoy hunches defines ramollissement and then hurls some free-verse into the soup.