The Daylog: 18-Feb-2012

11 nodes were added to the 'gel on Sat 18-Feb-2012
Highest-rated w/u: February 18, 2012 (log) by NanceMuse at +30 Rep

Among them:

BranRainey rediscovers that old alchemy that has made many a good E2 w/u: GTKY node + misleadingly saucy title = I learnt how to perform cunnilingus while on holiday with my boyfriend.

A node by dannye is always welcome. This one is a rumination on tight-wound American religious communities and the Amish tradition of rumspringa, with a pointedly-worded aside about this year's US presidential campaign.

"I would like for you to consider your current opinions about Mormonism. You hate them, don't you? Even though you didn't really have much of an opinion about them this time last year. And even though almost every time you hear someone speak evil of them, it ends with, "Now, don't get me wrong: The Mormons I've known IRL are some of the nicest folks I've ever met." ..."

Tem42 posted a fun, excellent w/u on nonce words that ties together ideas from some other recent nodes about language.

"The most common method of creating nonce words, and the easiest on the reader, is to use familiar word parts in new ways; from the obsolete hexagonally to the modern truthiness, wordsmiths have always created new words by combining old words with old pieces in new ways. Edgar Allen Poe gave us the ever-popular tintinnabulation, H.P. Lovecraft gave us the rather less useful hippocephalic, and Snoop Doggy Dogg gave us bootylicious. ..."

And deus-ex-machina added a sudden, erotic non-sequitur to the Bacon node-- currently sitting at -3 Rep but c'mon, noders. I love the idea that any node can take an unexpected detour into all-out sexytimes.

Rounding out the rest: 2 daylogs-- including NanceMuse's well-written & well-received 61st anniversary tribute to her parents (above), surreal flash-fiction from Longwalker, a poem by Eniteris somewhat in the form of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "I Am Waiting" (sorry, E, I still like the original better), factuals by nilsbarth and Laiam, and Orangeduck's unconventional review of Dear Ester that, despite its meanderings, does get to an interesting point re: games vs art vs life.