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Highest-rated w/u: Growler (thing) by doyle at +53 Rep

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This beautiful and heartening daylog by wertperch which I and, currently, 20 other noders are all encouraging you to read. (above)

Related to it, the mysterious rosetinted posted another excellent poem, this one in tribute to Kevin & Christine: Until the earth and sky met and locked the distance between them forever

doyle submitted another fine w/u, explaining everything you might need to know about that useful artifact of American beer culture, the Growler:

In the good old days, before the 18th Amendment, you could either drink your beer at the saloon, or send your kids with a bucket (growler), which could be filled for a nickel. The pail held, more or less, a half gallon. Between the difficulties of bottling, and the tax regulations at the time, grabbing a pailful of ale was significantly cheaper that grabbing a bottle. ...

Rounding out the rest: Glowing Fish came to the defense of Comic Sans, teleny took an interesting slant on a (person)-node at Laura Nyro, some short fiction from new noder Laiam, some... er, I don't know what from moeyz (feel like I'm missing some vital context here. Guess I should watch more PBS.) and a poem by worn-out_shoe.