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The Daylog: 16-Feb-2012

11 new nodes were posted to Everything2 on 16 Feb 2012.
Highest-rated node: [Tomato soup (recipe)] by [alex] at +26 Rep

Also among them:

[AAPT] followed up his recent w/u on [Indian Traffic] with some more reminiscences about [India]. I'm a sucker for travelogue and quite enjoyed reading them. In a similar vein, [rajani] noded a short story entitled [Suds Buds] about a young woman in Boston sentenced to community service in a soup kitchen, estranged from her grandmother in India and struggling to put together the misfit pieces of her life:

I didn't know how to pray or what to pray for, and needed a ritual to soothe me. I chanced upon the idea of washing each piece of my story in the soapy water while praying for some clarity, some understanding. And so with everything I had in me; confusion, self-pity, shame, doubt, fear, and the tiny shred of faith I was holding onto, I started to wash each thought that came up in my mind along with a plate. And so it was, that as I pondered my rather challenging relationship with my sole living grandparent, Mara had tried to grab the soapy plate a moment before I was ready to surrender the thought. [Suds Buds|...]

(This was [rajani]'s first node since 2009, kiddos! Give it a read. A nifty story, hoping for more.)

Other news: Hell no! [borgo]'s favorite watering hole caught fire! No worries, it's still standing. He turned the anecdote into a factual w/u at [grease fire].

And a recipe fiiight! [NanceMuse] vs [alex]. The battleground: [tomato soup]. I think alex comes up the champion this time by unveiling his secret unstoppable technique, orzo, which sounds god-damned delicious.

Do not think that you put too little pasta in it. Orzo is an ideal noodle: left unchecked, it will expand to absorb all available fluid and fill all available space. This property of orzo makes it great for leftovers. Overnight it will have expanded again and you can make another complete meal by adding a bit of water. In fact, if you put in too much orzo you could find yourself doing this for two or three days as though you'd acquired some tasty but malevolent noodle cornucopia. [tomato soup|...]

Another poem from [rosetinted], still my (other) favorite 0-leveler this week. This one-- [fish upon the sand]-- is short, smutty, and comical, three qualities I much enjoy in a poet.

Rounding out the rest: a poem by [Intentions], a quite clever little story by [raincomplex] ([crane]), a daylog and a factual/opinion piece by [Pandeism Fish], and an E1-style two liner from [AAPT] about [Murray Head].

([Murray Head|That last one] is right now sitting at the interesting Rep of +8/-8, you guys. I am heartened to see that the people who upvote E1-style nodes are now reaching an equilibrium point with the people who hate hate hate them.)