The Daylog: 14-Feb-2012

W/us By Type says 19 new nodes were posted to Everything2 on Feb-14-2012. Enough that I didn't have time to read them all (an uncommon occurrence, currently). Among them:

Dr. doyle noded another of his signature w/us on simple biology, this time on the subject of Malt:

Malted barley has undergone rigorous biochemical analysis because beer matters. Throw unmalted barley into a pot of boiling water, and you have hot mush. Throw malted barley in hot water, holding it at certain temperatures for a bit of time, and now you are mashing, on your way to making a fine wort, the mother of beer.

If you want to understand mashing, bear with me--a teeny bit of biochemistry follows ...

One of the Great Old Ones of primordial Everything, rp, chimed in with two new definition nodes. One of them-- ideolexicalization, a made-up word to describe the act of making up your own words-- proved quite charming and gained 2C!s

decoy hunches submitted a writeup on the album Combustication by jazz trio Medesky, Martin, and Wood that tweaked my interest enough to make me want to seek it out myself. If you're a Spotify user, you can listen to the album here:
(You're right, dude. This is quite good.)

Jet-Poop contributed a small, tidy bio on Bram Stoker, Zephronias added a Valentine's Day prequel to The life and times of a fallen angel, teleny had two nodes about colonial U.S. glasswork, and three noders added poems. My favorite of the three was the one by brand-new noder rosetinted: It would have been an excellent story but I had to get off the train

listen to the planes circle home
(spiral skies in an endless flight)
listen to the rains falling shorewards
(sound of waves in the harbor night) ...

The joy of these was somewhat lessened by the pain of four frankly harrowing daylogs about depression (from The Custodian and first-time noder massey), chronic pain (by corvus) and, less seriously, computer woes (by BranRainey). Please send some love to these folks, noders. You know how I worry.

Rounding out the rest: a w/u by Pandeism Fish on something called Omnietheism that I honestly could not make heads or tails of, and a short story about love on the subway by jmpz. What'd I forget?