In the event you find your progress through life blocked by a door, the following will hopefully assist you in proceeding.

I will assume you know what a door and its components are for this reading.

Simple Opening Procedures

Doors may be opened by the following simple procedures. Sometimes one of these may work without any additional actions necessary, such as those listed under More Complex Opening Procedures.

  • Pushing the door on the edge or middle
  • Pulling the door via a handle
  • Sliding the door to one side

More Complex Opening Procedures

It may be necessary to perform one of the following before applying a Simple Procedure.

Unlocking Locked Doors

If the door knob refuses to turn, it may be locked. In the event of a locked door, here are some suggestions for unlocking it.

  • Using a key to unlock the door
  • Using a combination to unlock the door
  • Find someone with a key or combination for the door, and have them open it.
  • Lockpicking may open the door
  • Unlock the door from the other side (some doors have buttons or switches on the other side for the purpose of locking/unlocking them)
  • Break the lock's inner mechanisms (be careful, this might cause it to jam)
  • Contact a security guard and have him open the door.
  • Hitting a switch or deactivating some other security device may also work

Alternate Door Opening Strategies

It may be necessary to find an alternate method to open your door. Perhaps it's locked and you have no way to unlock it, or it is barricaded or blocked. Here are some suggestions to get past these obstacles.

The above methods are not exhaustive, and will be added to as more information comes to light.