I dreamt that I was in Best Buy and there was a very big earthquake. All of the consumer electronics were falling to the ground. I saw some people get hit by stuff, but I was kind of frozen or like a ghost or something at this point, and there was nothing I could do to help them.

Then a little elf came out of the fissure in the ground, and he was dancing around like he was in the forest or something. I grabbed him (I wasn't frozen anymore) and asked him what was going on and if I could help people. He said that it was the End of the World and took two glowing globes out of his coat.

He told me to stare into the globes. In the red globe I saw a giant Best Buy. The elf said something about the final battle and said, "On the left there is Best Buy, representing a disorganized CD section and really terrible customer service." Then he showed me the green globe and there right before my eyes was a giant The Wiz. "On the right there is The Wiz, representing shitty prices and really terrible customer service, also." I was like "Woooow" cause I really like to go to both stores even though I know they are not very good. But it was going to be cool because the battle at the End of the World was between Best Buy and The Wiz!

All of a sudden I was in a giant field and I thought that maybe I had moved on to another dream. I was kind of sad about that cause it seemed like my other one was going to be exciting. Suddenly, Dr. Mario appeared (don't ask me why). He talked to me about how I was about to witness something no one has ever seen before. His voice didn't sound like Mario though, it sounded like Yoda. Then all of a sudden I heard screaming coming from the hills on both sides of the field. All of a sudden I saw The Wiz himself running over a hill with a big wand! There was all kinds of magic floating around the wand. Then, hundreds more of The Wizzes came over the hill too! It was one of the coolest things I ever dreamed - all these Wizzes charging across a hill like Braveheart!

Then Mario tapped me on the shoulder and told me to turn around. Over the hill behind me, hundreds of Idea Boxes were charging with swords in their hands! I was like "Holy shit!" and couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately I don't remember anything else because my alarm went off. I hate when alarms go off at the best part of the dream. I thought it was still a good dream though.