I dreamt that I was in Circuit City and was flirting with an attractive female employee. After a really odd conversation with her about how much the original Nintendo costs, I noticed that a lot of people we rushing into the store and they looked super excited about something. I asked the girl what was going on and she said that U2 was going to play an in-store concert. Also, she said that the Beatles were going to be the opening band, but no one really cared about the Beatles for some reason.

So we went into the back of the store where the bands were supposed to play. Sometime the store changed into The Wiz and then after a while it changed into a stadium. So then the Beatles came on, but it wasn't really the Beatles at all, it was the Beach Boys. I kept asking people why they were calling the Beach Boys the Beatles but no one else ever heard of the Beach Boys. Anyway, they sucked pretty bad and people started throwing tomatos. The Beach Boys were getting pelted hard. Then some muscular guy stood up and threw a big fat TV at the Beach Boys. It hit one of them in the head and it looked like he might be dead. There was blood everywhere and he was not moving any more. I think that was the end of their set.

Then U2 came out, but they were not really U2 either. They sounded exactly like U2 and played all the hit U2 songs, but they looked totally weird! The guy they called "Bono" was really a giant lobster or maybe a man in a lobster suit. The Edge was a black midget who was really fast. The drummer looked like it might have been a horse! And the bass guitar was played by one of the Idea Boxes from my last dream! He even still had a sword! But they played a good set. They changed into the real U2 a few times but kept changing back and it was hard to keep track of what was going on.

Then I remembered that I went to Circuit City to buy a TV and my mom was gonna get real angry if I didn't go home soon! I said goodbye to all my friends at the stadium, but when I tried to leave, Al Gore wouldn't let me! Al Gore was the security guy! Eventually he let me leave and I went to The Wiz and bought a TV for three dollars. I remember that in my dream three dollars was really expensive. The dream went on for some time after that but it was boring so I don't remember it good. Eventually I had some sex with that Circuit City girl though.