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So, this is Everything? Alright, let's get started. You will either love or hate me, depending on your tolence to complete and total assholes. Don't like it? Too bad, don't deal with me.
About me:
I love women. I love pizza. I hate vegans and all other meat hating facists. I'm just looking for some fun. I'll get into some deep shit, but I'll wade out of it sooner or later. I'm independent. I'll never ask you for help unless I really need it, and even then, I'll walk over coals first. I love women. I'm usually depressed, but good luck trying to get me to admit it. I'm probably the biggest music buff you'll ever meet. I can't play guitar, but I sure have fun trying. If I love something, and you start too also, I'll pretend to hate it, just to pose controversy. I still love women. I beleive that pinky swears are the most sincere thing in the world. If you need it, I'll lie on the train tracks for you, no questions asked. My friends would do the same for me, and that is something I'm thankful for. I sing, badly, every damn day. I'm the best person you'll ever hate. That is, if you decide to hate me. And if you do, to hell with you.