Facts about UCF:
UCF is located in Orlando, Florida with another campus in Daytona Beach and one in Brevard County.

  • UCF is the only public university in Florida that has a Technical Writing program that is already implemented.
  • The population at UCF is roughly 39,000 students.
  • There are also classes offered at a downtown Orlando building, but not many.
  • Their mascot is the knight.
  • The UCF colors are black and gold.
  • UCF is currently working on a joint venture with the city of Orlando to build several theatres for their drama program, as well as an art museum.
  • The school's film program graduated many of the people who ended up working on the blair witch project.
  • UCF has partnerships with several huge companies and institutions, such as Siemens Westinghouse, Lockheed Martin and Kennedy Space Center.
  • The acronym UCF is also laughingly referred to as meaning "under construction forever", because so many things keep getting built.. such as a new 3 floor health center that opened just last week.... as well as 2 more classroom builings going up.