A Mexican Mudslide is an alcoholic drink which normally has rum, kahlua, chocolate, and cream. The main difference between a Mexican Mudslide and a normal mudslide is that the former usually has chocolate and is blended with ice until slushy. Chi-Chi's serves it in their resteraunts and their brand is also sold in liquor stores in 1.75 liter bottles. Their recipe involves blending it over ice. It has 12.5% alcohol per serving. Other recipes are out there for Mexican Mudslides, some of which contain chocolate, and some without rum.


The following recipe comes closest to what the Mexican Mudslides I've had taste like (minus the ice cream and cherry. Mixing instructions say to mix it with ice-cream, and add the whipped cream and cherry on top:

The following recipe has no rum, and supposed to be blended over ice. It doesn't sound like the Mexican Mudslide I'm used to, but sounds worth a try nonetheless:

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