Band members :
Blake Smith: vocals, guitar
Dave Suh: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Mike Willison: bass, vocals, keyboards
Jason Batchko: drums

Caviar formed in Chicago in 1998 and contains two members of the former band Fig Dish. The band has had songs that appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gone in 60 Seconds and Charlie's Angels. Their single "Tangerine Speedo" has been played on a few radio stations around the US. Their music is a really unique mix of rock, lounge, electronic, pop, and a little bit o' punk. "Goldmine" is Caviar's second single, and is still working its way into mainstream radio. They have been featured on compilation albums but have only released one major album, the self titled "Caviar".

Lyrics for songs appearing on the self titled album:

1. Ok Nightmare
2. Goldmine
3. Tangerine Speedo
4. The Good Times Are Over
5. I thought I was Found
6. Flawed Like A Diamond
7. Going out Tonight
8. Sugarless
9. Automatic Yawns
10. Looked So Hard I Nearly Wrecked My Eyes
11. I Am The Monument

(The cd does not contail a lyric sheet, so these are a common interpretation. I'll update them when offical lyrics are posted on the band's site