Arthur Guiterman (1871-1943) was an American poet, writer, editor, and librettist famous for his humorous takes on strange subjects. He was born in Vienna, Austria (his parents were American) in 1871. His family went back to America and in 1891 he recieved a degree from the College of the City of New York.

Guiterman is best known for his humerous poetry, one of his most famous poems being Strictly Germ-proof, but he has many accomplishments other than that. He translated and wrote the libretto for several different plays and in 1891 he became editor of the `Woman's Home Companion' and the `Literary Digest' until 1906. He also published the following books of verse:

  • Betel Nuts, What They Say In Hindustan (1907)
  • The Laughing Muse (1915)
  • The Mirthful Lyre (1918)
  • Ballads Of Old New York (1920), Chips Of Jade (1920)
  • The Ballad-Maker's Pack (1921)
  • The Light Guitar (1923)
  • A Poet's Proverbs (1924)
  • I Sing The Pioneer (1926)
  • Wildwood Fables (1927)
  • Song And Laughter (1929)
  • School For Husbands – with Lawrence Lagner (1933)
  • Death And General Putnam and 101 Other Poems (1935)
  • Gaily The Troubadour (1936)
  • Lyric Laughter (1939)
  • Brave Laughter (1943)