'Prowords' is part of the lingo used by military and professional radio operators. They allow a maximum of information to be conveyed with a minimum of confusion. Without the use of prowords, radio operators would need to take more time to think about what was just said over the radio, or to understand a garbled message. Prowords are simply a simple word or phrase that has a set meaning.

  • Authenticate - The station called is to reply to challenge that follows.
  • Authentication is... - The transmission authenticationof this message is...
  • Break - I hearby indicate the separation of the text from other portions of the message.
  • Call sign - The group that follows is a call sign (identification of a station, like a CB radio operator's 'handle')
  • Correction - An error has been made in this transmission. Transmission will continue with the last word correctly transmitted.
  • Figures - Numerals or numbers to follow.
  • I say again - I am repeating my transmission, or portion of my transmission.
  • I spell - I will spell the next word phonetically (using a phonetic alphabet).
  • Out - This is the end of my transmission to you and no answer is required or expected.
  • Over - This is the end of my transmission to you and a response is necessary. Go ahead; transmit. (Note: The use of proword over in along with out is not used very often, since over requires a response, and out implies no more communication. They contradict each other)
  • Relay (to) - Transmit this message to all addressees immediately following.
  • Roger - I have received your last transmission satisfactorily.
  • Say again - Repeat your last transmission.
  • Silence (Repeated Three or more times) - Cease transmissions on this net immediately.
  • Silence will be maintained until lifted.
  • Silence lifted - The silence that was imposed on this net is now lifted.
  • Speak slower - Your transmission is too fast. Reduce speed.
  • This is - This transmission is from the station whose designator immediately follows.
  • Unknown station - The identity of the station with which I am attempting to establish communications is unknown.
  • Wait - I must pause for a few seconds.
  • Wait, out - I must pause for longer than a few seconds.
  • Wilco - I have receved your signal, understand it, and will comply. (Note: Wilco has the meaning of the proword 'Roger' already included in it, so the proword combination 'Roger Wilco' is never actually used.)

    An example sequence of transmissions using prowords:

    "Commander Spock, This is USS Enterprise, over."
    "USS Enterprise, this is Commander Spock, over."
    "Commander Spock, This is USS Enterprise, Captain Kirk wants you to meet Ambassador Gav on the... correction... Ambassador Sarek, on the surface. Over"
    "USS Enterprise, this is Commander Spock. Say again, over."
    "Commander Spock, This is USS Enterprise. Meet Ambassador, I spell, Sierra alfa romeo echo kilo, on the surface."
    "USS Enterprise, this is Commander Spock, wilco, out."