A rolled tortilla spice food of the Bajorans of Star Trek. A fictional food originally, Hasperat has become one of the most made Star Trek foods, and is well liked by fans.

The Hasperat consists of two or three flour tortillas with cream cheese, sour cream, red peppers, and jalapenos, all wrapped up into a burrito style bundle. If possible, avoid the use of meat, because since the Hasperat does not appear to contain meat, that may be a critical component to Haspert (having no meat). Plus, having meat would start to make it more like a burrito.

The Hasperat is supposed to be super spicy, so feel free to drip a bit of Tobasco sauce on it! The result is a spicy, tasty, and filling Star Trek confection! Serve at parties, or serve to your house guests, and simply don't tell them it's from Star Trek!

A Hasperat should make both your mouth AND your eyes water.