French movie made in 1990 which spawned a remake in 1993 called Point of No Return and a television show on the USA Network called La Femme Nikita.

PoNR is a nasty, Americanized version starring Bridget Fonda as an utterly unbelievable secret agent and Gabriel Byrne as her handler. Byrne phones in all his lines, seemingly too bored with the lackluster performance of his red-headed charge to even bother emoting.

La Femme Nikita is a slick, gorgeous show starring Peta Wilson as an utterly convincing street waif turned secret agent. Between the crisp costuming, the stateless Eurocool attitude, accents, and faces, the flawless art direction and the compelling storylines, LFN is a stone-cold winner.

Nikita, the movie which started it all, is a hugely underrated film and cult classic among those who bother to read for more than just the new box office winners. Jean Reno makes a chilling appearance as Victor the Cleaner; a soulless custodian called in to mop up everything when the big mission goes awry.