I was ready to plop down the 60 dollars the comic book store was asking for this little relic, since it had been so heavily hyped to me by fellow Evangleion fans. After "sampling" it on MP3, I'm glad I saved my money. I'm a huge fan of the music from Evangelion, but this collection is basically comprised of tracks found on the other CDs in the Eva musical canon, plus reduced forms of some of the background scores (recordings of the songs with only certain instruments playing, for example, or slightly accelerated or decelerated versions that never appeared in the actual series). Although perhaps it has some esoteric value for being so rare and obscure, the money would be better spent buying Evangelion VOX, Evangelion Refrain, and the Death and Rebirth and End of Eva soundtracks (in addition to the three OSTs, of course).

Don't get me wrong; I spent a great deal of money getting random Eva merchandise, just to do it (I even purchased a copy of the S2 works after deciding it wasn't worth the money). Be warned, however, that this collection has very little intrinsic value compared to the rest of the CDs available (sidestepping, for the moment, the argument that no music has intrinsic value).