Is there anything that anyone can say about this day which will instill hope for a better tomorrow?

Is there a word of comfort and peace which can be uttered, from one person to another, which might give one cause for introspection?

We are doomed to repeat history because, sadly, the history books focus on the failures of humanity rather than its successes. Wars, disasters, famines, avarice, murder, coup d'etats... If all we see is bad things happening in the past, then how can we expect to look forward with a positive perspective? Certainly we can look in the history books and see a few things which might be shining examples of Mankind's reach for a brighter future, but there is a significant imbalance of good news and bad news.

If you find yourself thinking about the relevance of this day to the one a year before, try to focus on the heroes and kind souls who, without doubt or fear, sacrificed their time, effort and, yes, even their lives for total strangers. Keep in mind the quiet balm of compassion each person shared with another during our time of loss and disbelief.

Humanity, when viewed with a certain perspective, is adolescent. It is growing and learning about its place in this vast, endless universe which we have barely begun to be aware of- it's a mighty big place, this universe. And just like any teenager, the chances are very good that maturity will eventually dawn, that the kid will get good at seeing through the BS and just grow up. The only way a young adult can move into maturity is to focus on the greater, better tomorrows- the kids, the marriage, the college, the work, the freedom, the patience, all the things that we envy our parents for- and other things not mentioned.

When doubt assails you, think of a tomorrow that will come. Experience comes from a lack of wisdom; wisdom comes with experience.