I miss not having a blank slate, being a kid. If I could wake up every day with amnesia... I dunno that I'd wish it on myself every day, but just once I'd like to experience amnesia. Don't ask me why- it would just be something pretty interesting to experience- provided I could get my memory back.

In an effort to prevent a total loss of memory, I have a lot of my life archived in journal entries, an autobiography-in-progress, millions of words in stories, thousands of emails... I'm a literary pack-rat. The stuff I'd be greeted with, if I ever made it home after being stricken with amnesia, would give me a pretty good sense of who I am, from my own perspective, I think. I hope.

But I wonder what others would tell me about myself, under the assumption that I forgot who I was and they knew. Good things? Bad things? Would I then be able to discern who my real friends were and who they weren't? Would I care? All kinds of questions crop up when I think about the possibility of losing my memory, not to know who I am.

If I ever got my memory back, would I be a changed man? Is amnesia a sort of waking return from death without actually dying? How does one's self-image change, if at all, when they try to overcome amnesia? I dunno, but I'd like to find out. I've never met an amnesiac... maybe that'd be a safer way to answer my questions about it... but it's something to dwell upon, I guess. I won't actively go out and bonk myself on the head in the hopes of losing my memory, but if it happens I wonder what it'd be like?