I read Slyph's daylog for today. I decided to softlink Everything is a Community for him as a show of support, which meant that I had to actually go to it. I didn't even pay attention to the byline and just decided to read what it said, neglecting to note who the author was until later. By the time I got done reading it, I scrolled back up to click on the "+" box and scanned the byline while I was at it.

"created by Hermetic"

His is the only writeup in the node, written on September 03, 2001... a week to the day before he excused himself from human existence.

I think my heart fractured just the tiniest bit as realization dawned.

Before seeing who'd written that marvelous w/u, I was just about to send a MSG via the Blab option to the author... and then realized that it would go unread, unheard. Perhaps, if he's watching us, he may know that I appreciated his words, his faith in this community that is E2. I think, at that point, I felt like a member of the family had been lost, as many others do.

Finally, /me misses Hermetic. Not just as an abstraction of human thought, but as a person.
I mourn our loss, now, but I celebrate what was left behind.

And, yes, he GMV.