Today marks my 31st birthday. I am writing this one week before the fact. I suspect that this birthday will be much like the others for the past decade or so.

I will not have a girlfriend on my birthday, and therefore I will not get laid.
I will most likely spend some time with my family.
I will not work on this day.
I will probably sleep in.
I may or may not see a movie alone.
I will drink coffee.
I will do my best not to smoke on this day.
I probably won't write anything on the few stories that've been collecting dust these past few weeks and I will definitely wish I had.
I will not hear from my mother. (biological)
I will not hear from my father. (biological)
I will probably get a free meal at Cafe Coco.
I will say a prayer of thanks for my life upon waking- and it will probably be the first prayer I've said in many months... aside from the quiet, mental, private prayers I offer up from time to time, when no one is around to see me in a spiritual mode.
I will still be broke and wondering how to pay for getting my tags renewed in time for my June 2nd court date.
I may chip a tooth.
I will laugh some.
I will read my horoscope. (cue LAUGHTER)
I may even cry at some of the gifts my family gives me, for they know the topography of my heart well and how to reach it.
My baby neice, when I hold her, will not cry, for I will shave first.
I will get a phone call or two from the few close friends who know that it is my birthday.
I will not expect much and will probably get more than I deserve.
I will do my best to be humble and thankful to those who love me.
I will go to sleep alone and hate that fact.
I will update this w/u once all is said and done, to see whether or not I was accurate with these predictions.
Generally speaking, I will enjoy the day, come what may, for I will be alive and loved by people who've been in my life a good, long while.
Though my pockets will likely be empty, my heart will be richer.

Happy Birthday to me.