Happy Birthday to me. I'm turning 29 today. Let's see what I've got going for me on this, my Golden Birthday:

New home
An amazing family that loves me
Damn good friends
Air in my lungs
Writing "talent" (I'm still not sure about that, but my friends are honest people)
Relative freedom
Food in my stomach
Decent health
A few bucks in my pocket (literally)
More than my fair share of interesting, character-building experiences
My mind

Counting my blessings is so much harder to do when there's so many crappy things going on. Things I have going against me:

Dead car (using my dad's secondary vehicle)
Rent due
Late paycheck
Smoking habit
Unreliable Net access
No life savings
No insurance
Lots of gray hairs
Life's battle scars
Writer's block
Low-paying job
No phone

All in all, my life is pretty much in balance. For all the good things I have, there are an equal and proportionate amount of bad things. I'm about to go visit with my family and see what's going on there- can't ignore their summons, after all. Maybe it's just old age setting in or maybe I've always been a subtle grouch, but I can never seem to get excited about my birthdays. I mean, yeah, it's a miracle that I've survived this long and this is supposed to be a celebration of the miracle of life and all that, but in all honesty, my birthday is a day just like any other. The world does not stop, the bills won't disappear and I'm not getting any younger. In truth, this day is just like yesterday except that I just happened to be born on this one. It's a hot day in May and I'm still not any richer than I was before.

If life is what you make it, then my life can be summed up like so: a work in progress.