I think- no, I'm sure- that my sociopathic tendencies are picking up steam again. Being a sociopath has its advantages, if you know how to keep a lid on it, control it.

Thirty years on this dusty rock which had the good fortune to spin around the sun for a few million eons has taught me some valuable lessons which help to contain this bad neurosis of mine. All this time has provided me the opportunity to learn that I am not, in fact, separate from the rest of the human race. This kind of realization is fairly devastating to a sociopathic mindset, a self-induced mental "fuck off" to one's dark half.

Anyway... it was brought on by war. No, not that thing which passes for war on CNN. Yes, that thing which has Humanity by the balls. The war within. Lately I've been listening to people, paying attention to the things they talk about. It's funny, y'know? It's like people are making a point of it to ignore the bigger problems and focus on the me-me-me of everyday life. Vandy chicks worrying about not getting into a sorority. Goth kids worried about being cheated on by a significant other. Politicians worried about their credibility. Obsessive-compulsives worried about... well... everything under the sun except their discretion. Protesters shouting impotently in front of city hall, like they're actually doing something as opposed to mentally masturbating en masse.

I sit in the cafe every night in one spot and I don't move. I don't need to, really. It all comes floating past me like flotsom on a river bank. Conversations about websites. Chit-chat about live music. Mindless blathering about credit cards. The jukebox in the cafe sometimes repeats the same song twice- to maddening effect. The people that I get exposed to lately are just like that jukebox. Jittery and nervous, like talking about banal stuff is going to help keep the dogs of war at bay.

Do you get the punchline yet?

Or are you still concerned about your dirty laundry?