I am in an absolutely fantastic mood right now. I have just completed a short story. It originally started as an experiment in noding. The idea was to get a list of all of my node titles and then weave as many of them as possible into a story. From there I was going to post it on E2. Not a single node link leads to someone else's work. While at first glance, this seems self aggrandizing, that wasn't the point of it. I did it as a sort of challenge to myself. I mean, here I am with 195 writeups, right? I got to wondering how many of those node titles could be used as viable, linkable phrases. Are the node titles just useless, glib tripe or can they be used in certain contexts? I suppose any node title could be used in a certain context, but would it make sense?

So, I got to writing, to find out. It took me about a week and a half. I finished it tonight, not thirty minutes ago. The story itself stands on its own and relates to a book I've been writing called Mystic Ghost. In addition, I've written some new content for the Mystic Ghost node (which hasn't been posted yet, but will be soon), so that it will make more sense in relation to the story.

I'm going to format it for posting on E2 over the next hour or so- it resides in my laptop right now and I will need to transfer it to my desktop system.

I know this just sounds completely boring, but for me it's a real kick in the pants. I haven't actually completed a story in six months- well, that's not entirely true... there was "Inside a Living Nightmare", but that was an exceptional situation. I needed this big-time. I needed to see that, yes, I can carry something to fruition. The story itself might bomb entirely. It might get downvoted to oblivion- I don't care. The story makes me happy and it adds to the body of work I've been doing in the last year and that's all that matters to me. I've tentatively named it "Shell: Handmaiden of a Mechanized God", but that title might change at the last minute.

It's 7,000 words, which really isn't that much. I've pounded out 7K in a night. That it took me a week and a half kinda irks me, but I can't complain about the storyline. Damn. I'm just in a good mood.

I like it when I accomplish a goal. We all need a goal in life- even small ones.