If I am not alone, how come there's nobody here to keep me warm at night?

I'm sitting here, in my hovel of a home, and the only thing working is the electricity, my computer (mostly) and the cable modem. Everything else is ass. I'm keeping my plywood floor warm with the balls of my feet and the cold night air is seeping in from all directions.

I have no job. I have no money. I have no woman.

I am a blues song in progress and the New Year hasn't even begun.

I'm sure Christmas was good for most people. Family. Food. Movies. Presents. Hope. Fun. This country was slapped pretty hard a while ago and I'm sure people are now, more than ever, mindful of the things and people they have to keep them going.

I can't even call my parents to see how they're doing because my phone is dead- one more bill I can't pay. One of my housemates, Invalid, has offered to take me to see Lord of the Rings tomorrow. I want to go. I have to stop by the bank, first, to see why discofever's $200 has inconveniently disappeared from my account- I can't give him back his money until I get that resolved.

I have exactly $1 in my pocket and a negative $55 bank balance.

If I celebrated Christmas, there would be a lot of friends left wanting this year.

All I can do until tomorrow is watch the digital entropy of my cable modem set in and frustrate me all the more.

I am not a ray of sunshine today. But I want to be.

I'd kill for a decent meal.