There is a dream of a tomorrow that will never come. Air cars are long past due.
There is a vision of a woman who is nothing but a fiction. She only exists in my mind, perhaps another universe entirely, but I can feel her heart beating.
There is a story that is unwritten. The author died centuries ago and no one knows his name.
There is a world that is worth saving. If you look long enough towards the heavens, you might see it, but it's not there anymore and the light of its sun is just now getting to us, and its sun went supernova a few million years ago.
There is a breath of fresh air which your lungs cannot draw. It is lost in the pollution.
There is a love we all feel. It is unknowable and has no name.
There is a fire that cools. Frostbite is just another type of freezer burn.
There is a time when people are happy. It happened a moment ago and no one remembers it because it lasted for .0000002 seconds, an eon to a computer, but less than a heartbeat to us.
There is a plate of food which is perfect in its arrangement. It is plastic and cannot be eaten.
Life is a contradictory mystery. The purpose of our existence is to learn, but we will never know what it is we're supposed to learn, exactly.

Waiting is.