This shit has got to fucking stop. A taxi driver in Shrevport, Louisiana was yanked out of his cab by a small group of young black men. They hit him, they insulted him, they took his wallet. Kicked him. Shattered his windshield. When he fought back and tried to defend himself, they beat him some more. They got into their pretty, white SUV and drove away, him so stunned from this abuse that he couldn't think to let go of the only thing which was propping him up: the SUV's door handle. They dragged him more than twenty feet until he let go and then left him senseless in the middle of the fucking street, to die or get run over for all they cared. Onlookers, lots of them, stood by and did nothing. No. They did worse than nothing, they fucking encouraged it and cheered the thugs on. They laughed and ooohed and ahhhed and THEY FUCKING CHEERED AND CLAPPED! A simple man who works for a living got beaten unconscious in the street and the witnesses were laughing!

How do I know this? It was videotaped. All of it. By one of the onlookers, who did nothing to stop that evil shit, did nothing to spare a man undeserved pain and suffering, just so that they could keep their fingers neatly poised over the RECORD button on their mini-cam. So that they could show it to their friends, the media, their family, whoever would want to watch that horrible example of humanity. So they could make a few extra bucks when the local ABC affiliate paid for the rights to air the film. So that they could save it for posterity. And laugh later, perhaps. Again and again. At this overweight white man who had done nothing wrong, who was working to feed himself and, perhaps, his family, to pay the rent and bills and keep his insurance premiums paid up.

I just saw this on national television, the news. Broadcast over satellite and cable TV, through our airwaves.

And people have the fucking temerity to get upset when Janet Jackson's breast gets exposed during the fucking Superbowl?!?? If I gotta choose between a beautiful woman's naked body versus seeing this horrid shit, I'm gonna fucking wag a dollar bill in the air and ask the woman to kindly take it off, whatever it takes. Show me beauty. Show me sex. But God spare me from ever having to witness this depraved, uninhibited, obscene, vile, vicious, insipid, corrupt, criminal, sinful example of what humanity IS.

Because I can guaran-fucking-tee that shit is now being beamed hundreds of lightyears away from this shithole planet, straight towards whatever intelligent life might exist in this Galaxy. And you know what? I'd rather that they see some nice tits and ass before ever seeing just how low we, as a species, are capable of sinking.

How does it feel now to call yourself a human? Enjoy your sushi, folks. News at 11.