8:00 AM CST.

In an hour I will begin a load of laundry which is way past due- the whites. At 10 I will take a shower. At 11 I will begin to get ready for work. At 11:30 I will head off to work. At noon I will arrive at work.

I will flip (tidy up) the rooms, I will vacuum, I will set out chairs for the wedding that is being hosted. Before and during the wedding I will stand outside and handle the parking situation.

The forecast calls for rain, pretty much all day. It has been raining steadily for going on three days straight now and it looks like there will be more of the same tomorrow.

I detest rain and I will be standing in it all day today.

Today my rate of pay will officially diminish from $12 to $10/hour- my employer feels that my performance has been lacking lately, while I point out that it wouldn't seem that way if she would avoid handing me extraneous stuff in the middle of my normal duties, that it is hard to maintain or develop a routine when it is broken frequently.

I am rested and I am caffeinated and I have a script to follow.

Rain in the forecast. "Here is your rain, madam. I trust you will be more careful with it next time."