So Spring has definitely sprung. Allergies are kicking in, everyone I know (with a few minor exceptions) seems to be enjoying life and love, Enterprise will air a new episode tonight (a much-anticipated one, too, for us folks over at SFM). Life has been quiet for me since I moved back into the cabin. My landlord (and friend, and fellow 3D modeller) has developed the most curious ability to wake me up with phone calls for the most mundane things... but that's mostly because I sleep when I am moved to these days, and that can be nearly anytime I wish (except when working, of course). Writing has picked back up, some. Not much, but some.

I had an interesting experience last week. On one day I was contacted by people I haven't seen or heard from in more than a decade. Three, all in one day. One email and two phone calls. Totally random and out of the blue. And, of course, these people from my past wanted only to check up on me, talk about old things, catch up on history.

My past is behind me, something I try to forget.

I have decided that I am a person who revels in living in the Now. Certainly, I am older and wiser than I was so many years ago, more reserved, but I find that the Now holds far less depression- very little cause for self introspection or doubt. I just Am (with a capital A). I exist in a state of Being and enjoy what comes my way, on my own terms. Tomorrow will come. Yesterday has gone. The Now is here. In front of me.

Years ago older people used to advise me to stop and smell the roses. I turn 31 next month. I am stopping and sniffing, unconcerned about where I've been or where I'm heading.

Will I be this free ten years from now? Will any of us?

Does it matter?